August 20, 2020

5 important precautions to achieve the best results in plastic surgery by experts

5 important precautions to achieve the best results in plastic surgery by experts

If you are following the instructions provided by the specialist strictly, you are sure to get a great result of your plastic surgery done. But there are a number of people who may not take these precautions seriously and land up having trouble with their surgery. Here are as many as 5 important precautions that you should surely adhere to if you wish to have a proper result of your surgery.

1. Exposure to Sun

When you get your Plastic Surgery in Delhi accomplished, one of the major precautions that the experts offer you is to stay indoors for a specific period of time. This is important because exposure to the sun can lead to complications to your stitches and the dust may cause infection.

2. No Makeup

After having plastic surgery done, you should avoid make up for the prescribed number of days. The makeup product may cause infection as they interfere with your fresh wounds. It is advisable to apply just the medications prescribed by the doctor.

3. Shower or Facewash

Often applying face wash or taking a shower under running water can also create trouble. Hence, it is advised to avoid direct showers or splash of water on your face for a couple of days.

4. Other Medications

It is very much important to discuss with your specialist about the medications that you take much before the surgery. There are a number of medicines that are not taken together. Hence, if the specialist finds that you are on a particular medication with which you cannot take medicines prescribed after the surgery, you will be intimated beforehand so that you can decide, otherwise, it can cause reactions and health issues also at times.

5. No Smoking

Smoking can actually slow down the healing process and this can cause complications also at times. Hence, it is strictly mentioned that you should not smoke or consume alcohol at least for a particular period of time until when the surgery wounds are not healed.

Plastic surgery can show tremendous results if the instructions of the experts are followed carefully. If the precautions are not followed, this can lead to various complicated situations which may require further spending of money.