June 27, 2017

Top 5 face zones that need defense

Top 5 face zones that need defense

Key areas on the face that need defense from aging

Aging is nature’s way of making us realize that we are getting older. But that shouldn’t make you unhappy; aging gracefully and beautifully is a concept that we should embrace. However, that doesn’t mean you resign to fate. You must take care of your skin, love it and pamper it with the right treatments to avoid premature aging. Right after we hit our thirties, signs of aging take over. Blame it on the stress levels, lack of skin care, lack of time or genetics for that matter, a few wrinkles and laugh lines would prop up now and then, and last forever. Here are top key areas on the facial zone where aging happens.


You need defense!

What defense are we talking about? Here we are talking about caring for the skin. The skin is a wall-like barrier which keeps the insides of the body safe from the elements outside, infection and microbials too. Each of the walls on the skin is monitored by a host of sentinels that call for rapid enforcement when there are signs of attack. As we age, the collagen and elastin levels of the skin fade away. We are born with a set amount of collagen and elastin, which needs to be boosted or else the epidermal layer of the skin falls prey to the enemies around. This could be the harmful UV rays of the sun, pollutants or even the free radicals that run amok. All of these together can cause signs of aging, which can be avoided. Hence defense here would mean proper skin care by a certified expert- Botox is a form of skin defense mechanism that helps maintain the youthfulness too.

Five key areas where defense is much needed:

1. Forehead:

We shall begin with the forehead, where right from the thirties wrinkles tends to develop. This is because the collagen levels in our bodies break down slowly. It can be fixed though. Thanks to Botox and daily use of serums at night which helps moisturize the skin here and plump it up too. There are even topical creams suggested by dermatologists to help prevent aging signs on the forehead too.

2. Glabellar Lines:

Have you noticed the appearance of small vertical lines on the insides or your eyebrows when you frown? These are Glabellar lines, which are again premature signs of aging. Most dermatologists can help you overcome the same, with derma rollers. However, for longer lasting effects, Botox would be the right treatment to combat Glabellar lines.

3. Crow’s Feet:

Canthar lines or crow’s feet as they are known commonly are signs of aging seen very common on many who cross their thirties. Vitamin E is a good agent to fight the same, which helps combat free radicals and rejuvenate the skin too. There are other topical creams and treatments as well to use, but the best and safest method being used these days to ensure the elimination of crow’s feet would be botox. It helps soothe the area around the eyes, diminishes the lines and makes it look brighter and younger.

4. Infraorbital Area:

This area is the portion just underneath your eyes, also known as the below eye socket. Often this area tends to darken up due to lack of sleep, poor diets, stress which we in common term refer to as dark circles. There are many therapies and treatments to combat the same, and one should drink a lot of water to keep this area hydrated too. However, when Botox is administered, the area can get rejuvenated and the puffiness is reduced as well.

5. Nasolabial Folds:

Look at the area from the corner of your mouth to the nose- these are nasolabial folds. If you notice lines here, it means aging is catching up with you. This is when you would want to get the area firmed up and smoothened out, and you could opt for fillers or other treatments. However, the safest method and one that really shows good results would be botox. It helps tighten the skin, stimulate collagen production and lessens the loosening effect that causes these lines.

We hope this information comes in handy! Speak to your doctor for more one-on-one in-depth needs!