August 8, 2017

Say goodbye to painful shaving and waxing with Laser Hair Removal

Say goodbye to painful shaving and waxing with Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the ‘in-thing’. So, ladies, lets get ready to say goodbye to painful shaving and waxing!

Gone are the days when ladies had to go through the unbearable pain of waxing and shaving, specially when it left bruises, ingrown hair and discomforted the skin with bumps, rashes and marks. However, thanks to the technology, we can now dress up beautifully and confidently and that too by putting a full stop to the endless waxing/shaving. The revolutionary Laser Hair Removal treatment is painless and affordable and it’s a big relief for women.

Shaving and waxing should be a big no-no because:

1. Not a permanent solution: With waxing or shaving, the solution is not permanent. You have to schedule treatments with your cosmetologist or the parlor lady every time the hair grows back. This is time consuming and it mostly leaves one with rough hairy skin after a fortnight.

2. The unbearable pain: Waxing is painful, and with shaving comes ingrown hair that can be painful too. It gets worse when the hair, which is ripped out at the root, is not ripped out fully. Are you really ready to deal with the rashes and pains that follow?

3. Skin infections: Think about the skin irritation and the inflammation associated with shaving and waxing? This is worse for women that have super sensitive skin. It can turn into rashes that worsen up over time and spread infection. Why take a chance?

4. Not a uniform hair-removal treatment: There are certain parts of the body that are super sensitive, and where even your cosmetologist would hesitate to wax or shave since it has large capillaries that can dilate or burst, and cause pain and irritation in the long run. Hence, waxing or shaving in these areas would not be advisable.

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Why is Laser Hair Removal so popular in this day and age?

The answer is because it is painless and fast. It is a process of hair removal, which works on the concept of photothermolysis, which means, the wavelength and the pulse duration of the laser, is attuned to that of the impairment of hair follicles. If you have extra thick hair and back hair or hair even in sensitive parts of the body, when the treatment is administered by a certified professional, you would not feel a thing while the hair removal through laser is being done.

Sittings Required:

Your specialist would take a good look at the amount of hair, the hair type and the areas where the hair needs to be removed through laser first. Contraindications for the same would be discussed, if any, so as to make you aware of what to expect and to know of you have any skin issues or disorders and to understand your skin type and condition too. Only then would the right amount of treatments or sittings would be advised.

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Pros of Laser Hair Removal Treatment:

1. Your skin would not suffer from rashes and sores with laser hair removal

2. Laser hair removal is convenient and fast

3. The hair removal procedure is permanent

4. You get to save time and money, and those energy-consuming trips to the clinic or parlor

5. Painless almost, you would not have tears to shed, if this is your first time

Get in touch with a specialist today and know more about why women are looking at laser hair removal techniques over traditional hair removal methods. Give yourself some love and a body that shines its silkiness and smoothness sans the hairy touch too.

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