May 23, 2017

Is Botox safe? What you must know before considering one

Is Botox safe? What you must know before considering one

Let’s find out how safe is Botox. Here are 5 reasons why it is meant for you!

Botox, the powerful miraculous dose needed by many to look years younger, refreshed and fresher. Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities have been secretly endorsing the formula to ward off years from their face, and to look ever so youthful and glamorous. But there are skeptics and other schools of thought out there that warn you against botox. This brings in the quandary; should I or shouldn’t I opt for a shot of botox? Let’s take a look at five reasons why botox is meant for you. Take a look!

What is Botox?

You have heard of celebrities endorsing Botox and that is why they look so young; Botox also can be used for people suffering from hyper hidrosis too- a condition where the sebaceous glands work over time and make the individual sweat a lot. Botox thus is a drug that is made from neurotoxin. Neurotoxin comes from bacteria- clostridium botunilinum and well-known as botulinum toxin. Apart from the cosmetic aesthetic reasons, botox has been used by specialists to help treat many muscular conditions too.


Are you the right candidate for it?

The Botox used by many doctors on their patients would be for cosmetic purposes primarily, and is very safe to use since it is sterile. Botox helps paralyse the muscles and diminish the occurrence of wrinkles, and it can tighten your jawline too. Patients that have broader lower jawlines can get a narrower jawline with botox usage. However, it is not recommended for those that suffer from allergies towards the botulinum toxin present in the dose. If there are infections at the zone where botox needs to be administered, the doctor would not allow botox to be used. In addition to that, anyone with a case of the following condition are not administered botox; namely:

1. Myasthenia gravis

2. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and

3. Eaton Lambert syndrome.

What is the process like?

The process of getting botox isn’t a long drawn one. Experts say it is simple and quick. A few injections are administered into the treatment areas, and you’re done. Nothing more than a prick would be felt, and you can resume your work or daily activities as normal an hour later, without anyone noticing a thing.

What about pains and swelling?

It happens to some, but not many complain of long term pains and swelling. Mild initial redness would be there for some time; swelling and bruising may happen, but just for a while. Think of it as an injection shot you would be getting at your local doctors’ clinic – the pain and selling subsides in no time.

What results should I expect?

When done at a certified practitioners clinic, the right injection dosage would be used with the right techniques involved. Expect nothing less than a youthful look, but not at once- give it a few days for the results to be noticed. In three to four days the results shall be seen, and in two weeks the maximum results would be noticed.

How often do I need to get botox shots?

It depends from one person to the next to determine the frequency of botox shots. It also would depend on the treated areas, and the amount of units used for each treatment too. On an average, it would be two to six months.

We hope this information on the safety and usage of botox helps you in making a well-informed decision. To further clarify, it would be best to speak to a certified specialist on the same, read more reviews and find out if you are an ideal client for botox or not!