June 13, 2017

Debunking 7 myths about Botox

Debunking 7 myths about Botox

One of the common myths is that Botox gives a frozen face. However, that is just a myth. Here are the top seven myths which we are debunking today!

Botox has been a boon for many across the world, that look for eternal youth, almost. Don’t we all look at glossy magazines and movies, wishing to be every youthful such as our actors. The secret lies in botox for most of them. However, there are myths and misconceptions with botox too. Today, we shall debunk some of them for you. Take a look!

1. Face freezes after botox shots!:

This is one of the commonest hearsays doing the rounds. There are many that would say botox froze their face and the natural facial expressions are lost. This is a myth. Botox will never make the face expressionless entirely, when done by the right certified expert and in apt dosage. Overuse of the same can cause harm, and results desired are seen within one to two weeks, where the face comes back to its normalcy.

2. Wrinkles gone forever:

Aging is something that happens naturally and cannot be stopped forever. What botox does it to delay the process of aging and smoothens the face. Facial lines and wrinkles are gone for sometime and not forever. A shot of botox doesn’t guarantee that the face would be back to what it was when you were in your teens.

3. Botox is done by mature and older women only:

Let’s break this myth and debunk this misconception once and for all. Botox is for anyone above 18 years of age, and can be used by mature women and those that want to avoid premature aging too. Only a qualified skin aesthetician or a plastic surgeon would be best to decide if you are fit for botox or not- sans gender being involved or age! Yes, men too use botox.

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4. Botox is an addiction:

Nothing is addictive when you learn how to control, and the same would be for botox. If you are only concentrating on a certain part of the body or the face, botox would be administered only there and as per the directions and timeline given by the plastic surgeon. It isn’t addictive and there is no psychological connect with the same.

5. Botox lasts for life:

One shot of botox doesn’t last for life, two shots don’t either. The tenure would be max three to four months, and then the plastic surgeon would call you back for another shot to bring back the desired effects.

6. Botox side effects are bad:

Common side effects that are associated with botox include, nausea, fatigue, headache and vomiting which lasts for a day or two and fade away. You may have minor bruising which is negligible and minor face swelling, which fades off in a day too. No long term side effects have ever been reported, making botox safe to use once again.

7. Botox is toxic:

It is from botulinum that botox is obtained. Botulinum is a toxin for sure, but is sent under various stages of refining before it is injected into the human body. The concentration levels are low and the surgeon knows best what amount of doses would be needed on individual cases to get botox done. Botox wouldn’t spread across the body and away from the targeted area. As time passes by, the body eliminates the toxin naturally. Hence it isn’t toxic and is very safe to use.

We hope these seven myths debunked make sense!