July 14, 2017

The good and the bad of Botox

The good and the bad of Botox

Before you get Botox, know the good and the bad of it!

The world is talking about Botox, and why not? Celebrities are inspiring us all to take a shot or two of the liquid neurotoxin, which when injected into the muscles can defy signs of aging. From frown lines to the smile lines, quints to the nasal crunch line and the ugly wrinkles on the head, and crow’s feet too- Botox works like magic eliminating them all. What you get in return would be a youthful look for a period of time. Millions of patients across the globe rush to their doctors for the same, even since the FDA approved of Botox in 2002. But before you rush to the doctor for a shot, here we discuss the good and bad of Botox. This is done with the aim for you to understand what you are getting into and what to expect. Please read on and be well-informed.

What is Botox mostly used for?:

The good part of botox being used would be to eliminate the following:

1. Eliminate gummy smiles

2. Get done away for some time from frown lines

3. Crow’s feet can be reduced to a large extent

4. The horizontal forehead lines are reduced as well

5. Say goodbye for sometime to the squint lines and the nasal crunch, and the lines of the neck too.

On other areas of the face where signs of aging are taking over, Botox can be used as well. Some use it also to raise the outer eyebrow for a stark look, some use it to contour the mouth corners and to elongate their lip lines as well. Doctors also use Botox to help smoothen out chins that have dimples on them too. And of course, the best part is to remove wrinkles and fine lines all over as well.

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So that was all about the GOOD PART OF BOTOX! Now let us take a look at the BAD PART or the side effects, which your doctor would always inform you about:

1. A frozen forehead: Not literally though, but this is known as the infamous OSCAR NIGHT FREEZE. A term denoted when the facial muscles are not willing to move at all after botox is administered and makes you look robotic.

2. Over popping of eyebrows: One or both eyebrows can pop out too much. This happens when the arches for the eyebrows are elevated too much while administering the eyebrows with Botox. Worry not, it can be fixed easily.

3. Droopy eyelids: One of the side-effects experienced by some that have got a shot of Botox would be droopy eyelids. This is rare and although it makes the eyelids feel heavy for sometime, there are prescription drops given by the doctor that can solve the same.

What you need to remember?:

Anything in excess done in the name of beauty treatments can and will cause harm. This is why, the application of Botox needs a certified expert and very steady hands at the job. More than that, the certified specialist needs the eye of an artist and the tact to get the job done the right way in one shot. None of us want to end up with a frozen look, which is why on should realize that Botox usage is not child’s play. One size DOES NOT FIT ALL in this matter and regard. The right hands can give you the desired look and a refreshed one, with a relaxed facial tone too.  Choose your doctor wisely!