HIFU Treatment in Delhi


Popularised as a painless face-lift, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is a marvel of technology that is helping thousands of people look young and beautiful. HIFU uses ultrasound technology, which provides a deeper penetration for the body areas and stimulate collagen production. Without cutting into the skin, it makes the skin tighter and toned.

HIFU treatment in Delhi is completely non-invasive, and the most thrilling aspect of this treatment is the immediate improvement in appearance. The results achieved on the face are stunning, with an uplifting of facial features and improved elasticity of the skin. Some of the effects of HIFU are:

  • Lifting of eyebrows
  • Softening of fine lines
  • Reduction in pores
  • Skin lifting
  • Skin tightening

At SCULPT, HIFU is frequently used on the face and neck, and is also very effective when used around other areas like love handles, as the ultrasound waves can have an even deeper penetration.

HIFU is ideal for those who prefer a natural uplift, as it utilizes the body’s own capacity for collagen and elastin formation. Contact us now for details about the procedure and HIFU treatment cost in Delhi .