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Plastic surgery in delhi Plastic surgery in delhi
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Cosmetic surgery in delhi


Dr. Vivek Kumar

Senior Consulting Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon
M.B.B.S., M.S. Surgery, D.N.B. Plastic Surgery, M.N.A.M.S., M.I.M.S.A

Available at: SCULPT - Skin Clinic in Delhi, and Sir Ganga Ram Hospital


Beauty is an elusive concept. But, whether in the eyes of the beholder or only skin deep, what must be acknowledged is that the quest for beauty has a profound impact on our lives. Looking, and more importantly, feeling beautiful boosts confidence, self-assurance and puts a smile on the face! It’s that smile that we are determined to restore. Age, pollution, stress and the millennial lifestyle all try and diminish the natural youth, lustre and glow of the skin. Diseases, injuries and infections also leave their impact. However, science and technology are fast catching up to erase and reverse these effects. We can now scale back the signs of ageing, We can also correct deformities or imperfections, treat various skin conditions and take corrective measures against unbalanced features. This is all possible through cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is said to be a combination of science and art. At SCULPT India, this combination is augmented by excellence- from the highly qualified and experienced medical team to state-of-the-art equipment, SCULPT India has set the gold standard for Cosmetic surgery in Delhi. Plastic surgery has the power to undo and correct disfigurations and defects, and the highly acclaimed surgeon at SCULPT India- Dr. Vivek Kumar accomplishes it with skill and finesse. His reputation and results have made SCULPT the most sought-after clinic for Plastic surgery in Delhi. If you want to restore, enhance or preserve your beauty- place your trust in the experts at SCULPT India, where we promise to make you smile when you look in the mirror.


Flight Attendant Ms. Vickie Spring shares her opinion about our doctors. She's just one of our numerous satisfied and happy patients! Our clinic is highly recommended for Skin Laser Treatment in Delhi and Guwahati.


The ravages of time have, for centuries, created innumerable miseries for those who value their beauty. Now, this despair can turn into hope, and then delight, as the wonders of medical science and technology reverse the passage of time on the body. Visit one of the Best skin clinic in delhi - SCULPT

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