Chin Reshaping in Delhi

Chin reshaping: a boon for folks who wish to enhance their chin shape and contour!

The position and contour of your chin play a dynamic role in perfecting your facial appearance. If you have a chin that is not in impressive proportion with the rest of the facial features, Dr Vivek can help you out with chin reshaping in Delhi. You can have faith in his expertise, knowledge and aesthetic vision. After undergoing the surgery under his supervision, you will be glad to attain a chin that will add to your facial beauty!

Chin Reshaping and Chin Augmentation in Delhi

The chin plays an imperative part in the overall facial structure. Patients who have weak chins may have poor development of the whole jaw bone. This may stain their otherwise beautiful face. Chin augmentation in Delhi can be a boon for such patients. Also, people having bite problems can get it rectified and benefit remarkably from chin reshaping in Delhi in which the jaw bone is divided and slid forward. Chin implants are generally available in all shapes and sizes, however, they must rest on the bone.

Dr Vivek enlightens with the fact that chin augmentation in Delhi can be implemented using a USDA-approved implant, typically made of medical-grade silicone. These can be placed over the chin point intraorally. This technique is greatly preferable. There is no scars, as it is performed intraorally. In the facial region, it is slightly visible under the chin area. A facial dressing will be there for 7 days after surgery. Augmentation is also done by sliding the bony chin together with adding or deducting bone from the chin area to either upturn or reduce the facial height.

The procedure for Chin Reshaping in Delhi

There are usually two main types of surgeries that are done for the chin, contingent on whether the person has a bite problem or not. If it is simply a cosmetic problem, a chin implant or reduction can work satisfactorily. If someone is having difficulty with their bite, malocclusion of the teeth (TMJ syndrome) may be present and these need to be treated dynamically. In the procedure of overhauling the dental alignment, the chin is supposed to be rotated into the proper position too. The implant can be inserted in two ways, either from the outside or inside of the mouth. In the case of bigger implants, principally if they add more volume to the side jaw, they are placed via a skin incision beneath the chin.

Post-procedure Care for Chin Augmentation in Delhi

Do not sunbathe after the procedure, particularly for the first few months. Keep the incision lines clean and use an ointment to keep the incision line moist. Instantaneously inform the doctor if any areas of special pain or swelling are there. If there is fluid oozing out from a region of a wound, notify your doctor. You don’t need to panic as many glitches can be easily treated and managed. If you were given antibiotics or other pills, take them as recommended.

Chin Augmentation Complications

In case of implant infection, the implant must be removed and interchanged at a later date. There are also probabilities of implant displacement in some cases.

If you wish to undergo a chin reshaping procedure, chin augmentation, chin implant and reduction in Delhi, India then, you can pay a visit to Sculpt Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic Delhi, India. At our centre, you can get a comprehensive evaluation, relevant information and detailed examination to reach a personalized treatment plan with the best chin augmentation surgeon.


Purpose: To give a well-carved look to the face and to correct or augment the chin.
This is a scar-less process.
Duration of Procedure: 1-3 hrs
Type of Anaesthesia: General/local with sedation
Recovery Period: Can resume work within 7 days
Longevity of Results: Permanent
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