Thermage Treatment in Delhi

Thermage Skin Tightening in Delhi: a pioneering way to handle disheartening ageing signs diligently!

If you want to gift your ageing skin its lost vivacity and glow back, opting for Thermage treatment in Delhi is just the best decision you can make for your biggest asset i.e. your skin. SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic can be your ultimate choice in this regard as the thermage skin tightening in Delhi is implemented using the latest and up-to-date technologies under the supervision of Dr. Vivek Kumar. He is an internationally renowned cosmetic & plastic surgeon who promises to give you your lost smile back!

Thermage Skin Tightening in Delhi

Would you like to diminish the signs of ageing skin, giving you younger-looking skin? Does the idea of a surgical facelift make you suddenly scowl in pain? Well, now you can reassess your options because Thermage treatment in Delhi gives you all the advantages of invasive face-lift surgery, without the use of scalpels or needles. As we mature in age, things start to drop and sag with crinkles garnering to increase the mess. Thermage can hone these areas and diminish wrinkles without the intrusiveness of a facelift.

Thermage Treatment

The Thermage skin tightening in Delhi offers a non-surgical facelift alternative for persons looking to firm and tighten ageing or impaired skin. Thermage makes use of a radio frequency device to arouse collagen and eradicate fine lines and wrinkles and result in a more young-looking facial look.


During the process of Thermage treatment in Delhi at SCULPT Clinic, the top layers of the skin are shielded with a cooling spray while the Thermocool-wand heats the skin’s collagen with radio frequency energy. The heat factor acts upon the skin’s lower sheets which consecutively causes the skin to instantaneously get tight and firm.

The Thermage technique is an outpatient procedure that normally takes 15 minutes to an hour centred on the magnitude of the area being cured. The sensations felt during the process are often described as a short, deep heating feeling. To ensure comfort and guard the skin, the surgeon repetitively uses a cooling spray during the complete practice.

Ideal Candidates

This treatment is an impeccable option if you aren’t ready to endure a full facelift or decline to have plastic surgery due to the cutting, needles, pain and sternness of the procedures. Thermage is also seamless for people who don’t have much time to recuperate from surgery. If you need an inexpensive way to look younger and renewed, Thermage is the veracious option for you.

Recovery and After-care

Folks undergoing the Thermage skin tightening in Delhi can recommence their day-to-day activities straightaway after the procedure. Some people may come across minor redness resembling that of sunburn post-procedure. This is provisional and generally fades away rapidly. Individuals opting for Thermage may continue to observe improvements for numerous months after a single process. Contingent on the individual’s ageing course, the collagen improvements resulting from a Thermage procedure can last quite a lot of years. The outcomes of this treatment normally last for two or more years.

If you are looking for thermage treatment in Delhi, then your best choice is SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic. Get a personalized treatment plan with the best thermage doctors.


Duration of Procedure: 1hr – 30 Mins
Recovery Time: Minimal recover time
Longevity of Results: Long Lasting
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