Cheek Augmentation In Delhi

Dreaming of a photogenic face with well-rounded cheekbones? Opt for Cheek Augmentation in Delhi!

If you are not content with weak and saggy cheeks and would like a more conspicuous cheekbone, a cheek implant in Delhi can help you obtain this look. Dr Vivek Kumar has mastered the art of performing cheek augmentation by different modalities and he aims to give your face a look that can embellish your overall persona.

Cheek Implant in Delhi and Cheeks Fat Removal

The perfection of facial structure principally depends on the shape and outline of the cheeks. The normal flawless cheek is the one that bulges to the side for about one finger breadth from the front view. From the side, the cheek should form a distinctive peak in front and underneath the eye. Both cheeks and the chin should form a well-adjusted triangle with roundedness and definition. Since the cheek is a three-dimensional enlargement, it is possibly the toughest to define a normal cheek. Cheek augmentation in Delhi is a process that is envisioned to accentuate the cheeks on an individual’s face. To amplify the cheeks, a plastic surgeon may place a solid implant over the cheekbones.

Dr Vivek expresses that cheek implants come in all shapes and sizes. If it is hollow under the cheekbone, a special cheek implant in Delhi may help fill this area. Lately, cheek augmentation in Delhi is gaining popularity that simply involves surging the size by implants. The numbers and kinds of implants were limited in size and design. Now for people, the variations and designs of implants have augmented the possible configurations enormously.

The procedure for cheek augmentation in Delhi

The process is technically simple. It generally encompasses freezing up the cheek region and typically making an incision inside of the mouth in the region of the cheekbone, splitting the surrounding tissues around the bone and placing the implant in the pocket. Some surgeons place the cheek implant in a lower eyelid incision, or during a facelift, they can expediently be placed using the routine facelift incision. To some extent, it also depends upon the patients as to how big they would prefer their cheek implants to be.

Fat elimination from the cheeks

Some individuals feel that they have chubby cheeks. Henceforth, fat elimination from this region has become a very common technique. This can add some definition to the cheek area. It is a reasonably very safe process in which a small incision is made inside the mouth and a small gob of fat can be easily eliminated.

Post-procedure care for cheek implant in Delhi

Do not sunbathe after the surgery, chiefly for the first few months. Keep the incision lines clean and use an ointment to keep the incision line moist. Immediately notify your surgeon if any areas of special pain or swelling are there. If there is fluid draining from a region of a wound, immediately inform the doctor. Don't panic as most of the problems can be easily treated and managed. If you were given antibiotics or other prescriptions, take them as recommended.

Cheek Augmentation Complications

As with any surgery, there are some risks of infections, postoperative bleeding, creation of a blood clot and severe swelling. Irregularity is a risk with all forms of cheek augmentation. The patient can feel some amount of numbness as well.

If you are considering undergoing cheek augmentation surgery, cheeks fat removal and cheek implants in Delhi, India, then your best choice is Sculpt Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic Delhi, India. You may visit our centre for a comprehensive evaluation and in-depth inspection to reach a personalized treatment plan with the best cosmetic surgeon.


Purpose: To give a chiseled appearance to the face. It is done to rectify
the asymmetry of cheekbones and jaw bones
and also to correct or augment the chin. This is a scar-less surgery.
Duration of Procedure: 1-3 hrs
Anaesthesia: General/local with sedation
Recovery Time: Can be back to work within 7 days.
Longevity of Results: Permanent
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