Face Lift


Time can try and erase your beauty, diminish your vitality and crush your confidence. However, the wonders of medical science and technology have the power to turn the gears of time backwards, bringing back your youth and rejuvenating your looks.

Nowhere else are the ravages of time more apparent as the face. Wrinkles, fine lines, drooping or sagging skin, blemishes and changes in the skin texture, all contribute towards making you look older than you feel. However, these unwelcome signs of ageing are now reversible with a face lift surgery.

During the procedure, the skin and muscles of the face, chin and neck are tightened, giving an instantaneous effect of restoration of tone. Expertise, experience and skill are essential for this surgery to be successful. This is where SCULPT Aesthetic and Cosmetic Clinic has the advantage of having on board the best face cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Vivek Kumar.

Face plastic surgery cost in India
Face surgery cost in India
Face Lift- Procedure

Face Lift Surgery in Delhi is performed with the latest and most advanced technology at SCULPT:

  • Endoscopic instruments: Very minute incisions can be made, which are hidden or invisible.
  • LASER: The procedure takes longer, but ensures minimal bruising post-operatively.

Unwanted, excess skin and fat are removed by the surgeon, and the facial muscles are anchored naturally. Liposuction, chin augmentation, blepharoplasty or forehead lift may also be concurrently carried out with the face lift. Face surgery cost in India would also be dependent on the extent and type of procedure.

Face Lift- Quick Facts
Area(s) of Treatment: Face, chin, neck.
Duration of Procedure: 3-5 hours
Type of Anaesthesia: General/local with sedation
Recovery Period (Down-time): 2-3 days post-op recovery
Dressing removed the next day.
Sutures removed after 5 days; clips in 2 weeks
Back to work: 7-14 days
Precautions: Cold packs to be applied to face for 48 hours.
Bath/ shower with extra care while shampooing hair.
No sunbathing for a few months
Longevity of Results: Long lasting
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