Breast Implant Surgery in Delhi


The breasts are an important feature in defining the figure, and determine aesthetics, attractiveness and allure of a woman’s body. A disproportionately smaller size, or awkward shape of the breasts can have a very negative impact on not just appearance, but self-confidence as well.

Breast enlargement can be safely achieved by the use of a breast implant. It is a safe and effective procedure, which gives immediate and permanent results. Ideal candidates for this surgery are women who feel that their breast size is too small for their bodies, those who have had breasts partially or completely removed surgically (mastectomy), women having breasts with unequal shapes or sizes, etc.

SCULPT India is the most recommended and preferred choice for breast implant surgery in Delhi. This is due to the excellent and experienced medical team, as well as the most comfortable level of pre and post-operative care available at SCULPT. The breast implant surgery cost in Delhi is also very affordable.

Breast implant in delhi
Breast Implant Surgery- Procedure

Breast enlargement surgery utilizes implants, which are available in different sizes and shapes, and are selected after a thorough assessment of the patient’s requirements and preferences.

An incision is made in the chest muscle and the appropriate implant is placed, usually underneath the breast, to achieve the ideal contour and natural shape of the breast. Ultra-fine sutures ensure that the incision scar is barely visible.

Breast Implant- Quick Facts
Area(s) of Treatment: Breast(s)
Duration of Procedure: 3 - 4 hours
Type of Anaesthesia: General
Recovery Period (Down-time): 1-2 days post-op recovery
Back to work: 4-7 days
Strenuous activity after 3-4 weeks
Precautions: Sleeping in upright position for 1-2 weeks
Hand and elbows to the sides for 2 weeks
No driving for 2 weeks
No workouts for 3-4 weeks
No smoking and no alcohol for at least 3 weeks
Longevity of Results: Permanent

Clients report breast implant surgery to be a positive life-changing decision in their lives. When clothes fit better, you are not self-conscious but confident in a swimsuit, and you are inundated with compliments, then it is not only the physical aspects that undergo a change, there is a positive mental and emotional shift as well. Contact SCULPT India if you would like to explore the option of breast implant surgery and discover a new YOU!

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