Breast Augmentation Surgery in Delhi

SCULPT Aesthetic and Cosmetic Clinic is one of the pioneers of Breast Augmentation by Fat Grafting.

With many successful procedures and satisfied clients over the years, SCULPT India is an established name when it comes to the safety and reliability of results for cosmetic surgery, especially for breast augmentation surgery in Delhi.

Breast Augmentation in Delhi Procedure

The size of breasts can be enhanced and the shape modified by injecting fat directly into the breasts. This fat is obtained through liposuction, from an area with undesirable fat. After purification and centrifugation, the fat is inserted into the breast using small cannulas.

Breast augmentation surgery is a safe, triflingly invasive and effective procedure which uses unwanted fat from one part of the body and utilizes it for enhancement of the breasts. Breast augmentation by fat transfer has the best results when a large amount of fat can be easily removed from problem areas like the belly, hips or thighs. Breast Augmentation is a natural-looking and stitch-less treatment. This is ideal for clients preferring a subtle increase in breast size.

For any questions on breast augmentation surgery costs in Delhi, please reach out to us on the contact number given below. Our team will assist you and help you find the right treatment plan.

Breast Augmentation Quick Facts

Area(s) of Treatment: Liposuction- Belly, hips, thighs.
Fat grafting- Breasts
Duration of Procedure: 2 - 4 hours
Type of Anaesthesia: General / Local
Recovery Period (Downtime): Day Procedure
Back to work: 2-3 days
Precautions: Protective gauze is placed over the breasts.
Areas of liposuction: pressure garments may be prescribed.
Rest for a couple of days
Longevity of Results: Long-lasting.
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