August 19, 2017

Beyond Young Looks – Here’s How Botox Can Change Your Life For Good!

Beyond Young Looks – Here’s How Botox Can Change Your Life For Good!

Women share their experiences with Botox for reason beyond ‘looking younger’ Read on to know how Botox can change your life..

For a very long time, the idea of taking botox injections was co-related mostly to the evergreen youth one wanted to attain (well, almost!). But this was a misconception in the last century. The latest scientific evidence and research shows along with continued testing how positive botox can be for us and our lives. It is more than just a treatment for wrinkles and fine lines; it is a life changing powerful treatment. Let’s learn more about the same, shall we!

1. Deals with overactive bladders:

An overactive bladder can be an annoying condition to deal with, and with no control of the patient on the same. But thanks to the research in the new age, botox it seems has shown us the way relax the muscles effecting the bladder. Better control now is possible for the patients.

2. Bid goodbye to contact lenses:

Sushma Bhardwaj, a Brand Communication Specialist with a Delhi-based brand, wears specs on daily basis and really wanted to do away with wearing one as her wedding day was nearing. Even after trying contact lenses, she noticed a prominent squint line in between her eyebrows, which was generally disguised by her contact lenses. “Opting for botox before my marriage was one of the most positive experiences of my life as it not only erased the frown lines in between my eyebrows, but it also gave me an extra edge of confidence. The highlight of it all was that my eyebrows looked super symmetrical and I was looking gorgeous on my big day!” Bhardwaj gleefully explained.

3. Also bid goodbye to sweat-caused body odor:

Patients suffering from hidrosis or excessive sweating can now find relief from the unpleasantness of the same. No more embarrassments as well when you head out to work or to socialize, since you would not be excessively sweating away. Thanks to botox, the treatment can bring in relief to the troubled condition and raise your confidence and self-esteem. Enjoy life better now!

4. Reduce neck spasms:

Since botox deals with the muscles directly, it helps relax, paralyze and slow down the functioning of the same which cause tremendous neck spasms. Patients suffering from chronic neck spasms are affected daily, and they hardly have control over the same. Botox now can help combat such issues and more, allowing one to work normally and lead a life quite pain-free too.

5. It is a confidence booster:

We get to achieve a lot in life when we are super confident and positive about ourselves, our talents and skills, and to a large extent about our physical appearances too. Suman Thareja, Gurgaon-based mother of three, links botox with outright reflection of individuality, self-esteem and empowerment. “Not only is botox a great conversation starter in my weekly parties, but it has helped me immensely in owning my age and my flaws. Some might think of it as a hallmark of vanity, but for me personally it is a symbol of positivity – to wake up looking great every day and loving yourself is the best feeling ever,” narrates Thareja.

And honestly speaking, we couldn’t agree more!