June 8, 2017

10 Botox FAQs to blow your mind

10 Botox FAQs to blow your mind

They injected Botox into her face and she stopped over sweating- This and 10 such Botox FAQs you should know!

Ahh Botox! Celebrities for long have endorsed the beauty toxin to look years younger than their real age and now we have everyone wanting to try it; is that all what Botox can do? Well let’s take a look into ten other FAQs you and we may have!

1. What is Botox treatment actually?

Botox is a toxin which would be injected into the skin by a specialist in specific areas, namely the head and the neck. The use of very fine needles and fifteen minutes would be all that it takes to make the treatment happen.

2. How painful is botox?

Consider the injection prick as a pinch too little to even feel. It depends on the individual’s threshold of pain mostly; most patients don’t feel a thing at the end of the day.

3. How long is the procedure?

To begin with, a general consultation is done with the specialist which is not more than half an hour at the most. There would be no downtime once the botox is injected into the skin. This means, you can get this done while lunch hours at work are on, and get back to resuming your office work as usual post the procedure. Not even your shadow would know you’ve had botox done.

4. Can I have botox done right before a big event?

With botox treatments, you can get back to normal activities the very same day, since the swelling, bruising etc are minimal and almost nonexistent. But it would be best to let the specialist in question tell you the same. Each skin type is different, and hence the answer would be different too.

5. Are there side effects?

The incidence of side effects post administering of botox are very rare, and temporary if any. From minor bruising that can be camouflaged with makeup to short term headaches, no permanent damages are done to the body and the overall health.

6. How long does it take for the effect of botox to wear off?

When injected by a specialist the right way, right after the first treatment the results would be noticed. It takes around two to four days for the muscle weakening to happen, and the effect is fully seen after two weeks and can last up to three months.

7. How often do I need to take another shot of Botox?

Your doctor would be the best judge for the answer, however, it is estimated that every twelve weeks the doctor administers a shot. Based on the skin’s progress, the doctor would call you back to discuss the treatment every twelve weeks.

8. Would I get droopy eyelids?

The side effects with botox are almost none to nil, and never permanent to say so. Droopy eyelids happen and when done by a specialist, it wouldn’t. Very rarely does a patient complain of the same, which is once again as mentioned, not permanent.

9. Where does the toxin go into the body?

The injected solution stays local to the muscle where it is administered. Once injected, it is metabolized and it breaks down into various by-products within a short span of time.

10. Will my insurance cover the Botox cost?

You may have to check with your health insurance provider for the same; most insurance plans cover major part of the botox cost though. Any remaining expenses for the same would be out of the pocket of the patient’s to bear. One can also speak to the doctor that would be helping with botox treatment to know if botox discounts and membership cards are available.

We hope these answers help answer your queries!