June 6, 2017

I’m 31, am so happy that I tried Botox treatment

I’m 31, am so happy that I tried Botox treatment

Who says Botox is only used to treat the signs of aging? Here’s what a 31 would like to share about her saga with botox.

My name is Rhea Jain and I am 31 years old from Mumbai, India. I am a corporate lawyer, have a loving husband and one boy, so you can imagine, my life is no different from most of yours reading this. At first, I was skeptical about botox too. I read many reviews online about the treatment, and took advise from many skin specialists too. Some were blunt and honest about the benefits of botox, others warned me of the same. What I realized was that botox indeed has helped me not only look years younger than my age, but also has helped me slow down the signs of aging. It has helped me up the ante with regard to my self-esteem and my clients cannot stop praising me for my new found confidence too. It’s tough for most to imagine that I am a mother of a preteen boy. Here’s what I would like to share about my saga with botox.

Is botox very noticeable?

I did my research on this one, since I didn’t even want my husband to know that I was undergoing botox treatment. My specialist was truly an angel that assured me not even my shadow would know. The technique sensitive treatment gave me good results, leaving me more relaxed and fresher looking. I did not lose the ability to make facial expressions normally, and I did not have a frozen look either for more than a couple of days. The experienced specialist I worked with was very conservative and meticulous with his approach. He has had specialized training in facial anatomy, and individualized my treatment. This made it possible for not having botox very noticeable on my face.

How it works?

When the consultation was on with my specialist, he explained to me at length on how botox works. The concept works on weakening certain facial muscles, and it doesn’t pull the overlying skin. This thus helps reduce the wrinkles and laugh-lines, since the nerves are temporarily blocked around the targeted area which causes the same. You get a very youthful look when the facial muscles are relaxed and the depth or the size of the wrinkles through botox is reduced.

Was it time consuming?

This was an important question for me and my specialist assured me it wouldn’t be a time consuming affair. I sat with him and discussed the treatment goals, and he did perform a facial analysis too. This he did to figure out which would be the right botox treatment for me. Injecting process for the same was not more than five minutes to be honest; I did it during lunch hours and had no downtime after that. 

How painful was it?

It was a pinch and that was it. If the threshold of pain for you would be lesser, the specialist would apply a topical numbing cream before giving you the injection.

How soon did you notice the results?

Don’t expect the results to pop up in an hour or two. It took around two to three days for me to see moderate changes, but the real effects were noticed when two weeks passed.

When do you need a touch up?

Botox treatments last for three to four months, and in my case, it would be four months (it is case by case). Treatment has to be consistent, and only when the effects of the previous treatment are completely gone, will it be time for the next treatment. Overuse of the same would lead to a frozen look, and no honest specialist would want that for their client.

What are the benefits?

I thought botox was only meant to reduce laugh lines, wrinkles and to bring my youthful appearance back. However, my specialist informed me that it helps reduce excessive sweating, brings down migraine and also can help relax facial muscles to a very large extent too. 

Side effects that you faced

There weren’t any side effects as such, apart from a little bruising on minor notes and discomfort for the first day to deal with where the injections were given. However, it lasted not more than a day and it was gone by the second day and I was content. There aren’t any major side effects reported so far by anyone ever.

Finally, I did speak to my insurance company about the treatment cost coverage, and they obliged to cover the costs. But you need to check with your insurance plan to see if it would do the same, because not all insurance companies cover the costs.