August 17, 2017

Healthy Weight Management Tips for the Bride-To-Be

Healthy Weight Management Tips for the Bride-To-Be

Dr. Vivek Kumar, Consulting Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon shares 4 amazing tips for healthy weight management!

Dear Bride to Be,

We know the kind of stress you are undergoing at the moment. And with the big fat Indian wedding, the arrangements to make, scheduling beauty sessions, trials for the clothes and managing other logistics is no joke. It is taking a toll on you, and stress is pushing you towards comfort foods that are not healthy. The fact is that, you want your big day to be perfect and yes you also want to look like a gorgeous princess in your chic lehenga or saree. But if you are worried about the weight gain and do not have the time to hit the gym, then following are the points to keep in mind:

1. Have plenty of salads and drink warm lime water:

Salads have all the nutrients to boost the immunity system and to help you shed off unwanted weight. Add plenty of leafy greens to your diet minimize crabs and fats in your daily intake and replace them with salads. Should you feel like having a fruit salad, opt for fruits that are rich in antioxidants and have natural fats in them (eg.berries, nuts, avocados etc). Such fruits can keep you full and provide you with the energy you need. Flush the same down with a glass of warm lime water, and a dash of honey. The vitamin C in lime helps combat skin issues, and lime is known to boost weight loss. Warm water helps flush the waste and toxins out, by melting fat deposits in the body and cleansing the liver.

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2. Meditate and exercise:

You do not need to spend a whole day at the gym or meditate ten times a day to keep the fat away. A brisk walk each morning and night, after your meals would be great. Meditating early in the morning and just before your sleep time can help manage stress. Deep breathing, yoga and a gentle free hand workout with a buddy can be useful too. Focus on, your breath, it is the most essential thing to do when you work out and when you are trying to lose weight.

3. Do not indulge in fad detox diets:

Tempting as they may sound, crash diets and fad detox diets that promise a size zero in two weeks or less should not be done. They are short-term and unsafe, and can play around with the body’s immune system and especially the blood sugar levels. You do not wish to faint at your own wedding, right? If you do want to diet, you must speak to a specialist to know the amount of calories your body needs per day, and have a chart to follow.

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4. Drink lots of water:

Staying hydrated is a must, and we cannot stop emphasizing on it enough. It is proven that water and weight loss are directly connected. Water helps bring down bloating, and can help flush out the toxins and waste materials from the body. Water also helps keep the digestive system clean and eliminates constipation. Moreover, when the internals are flushed and cleansed, the skin stays soft and supple, and you will be a glow to flaunt at your wedding too. If you find plain water boring, you can have herbal teas, detox water with lemon and honey, add fruits and herbs to it for the flavor!

Dr. Vivek Kumar

Finally, be realistic with your weight loss goals. You do not have to compete with anyone for the

same. Just be accountable for reaching the desired weight you wish to have; a healthy weight is what makes bride beautiful, gorgeous queen at her wedding!

About Dr. Vivek Kumar: Dr. Kumar is a plastic and cosmetic surgeon at India’s most prestigious hospital, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi. Armed with training in Cosmetology from Instituto Ivo Pitanguy, Rio de Janeirio, Brazil, and Advanced Aesthetic Surgery Course in New York, U.S.A. Dr. Vivek is also a diplomat with National Board of Plastic Surgery and an active affiliate of numerous celebrated organizations like National Academy of Medical Sciences, Indian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon, International Medical Sciences Academy, and Association of Plastic Surgeons of India. He is also the Consulting Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon at Sculpt India – Delhi’s best dermatologist and cosmetic surgery clinic.