July 17, 2017

Top 10 Hollywood stars before and after Botox treatment

Top 10 Hollywood stars before and after Botox treatment

Check out before and after pictures of top 10 Hollywood celebrities and stars before after getting Botox

Botox is a cosmetic treatment that promises the wash of the so-called evergreen youthful touch! It is one name that has always created a stir in in the world of fashion, glamour, beauty and movies It seems almost everyone in the world of the silver screen has had a tryst with it. Without much ado, here are a couple of fabulous pictures of our favorite Hollywood celebrities that have had Botox administered to them. Take a look at their before and after pictures, and get inspired!

1. Jenny McCarthy: Perfect Botox with a very feminine arch given, Jenny steals the show even today!

2. Courtney Cox: Who knew that the F.R.I.E.N.D.S superstar looked so stunning with and without botox- here’s the proof!

3. Lori Loughlin: She was the adorable aunt on FULL HOUSE- a famous sitcom. Here’s Lori with and without Botox.

4. Madonna: Pop star, feminist, diva and a doting mother now, glamour doesn’t seem to part with her!

5. Kim Kardashian: Glam mom, socialite, fashonista and diva, KIM has done it all and she has got them done right.

6. Gwyneth Paltrow: Gorgeous Gwyneth with that glow and shine, and we wondered where it all came from- Botox for sure did its magic!

7. Demi Moore: Demi goddess is Demi Moore and she rocks the youthful look with Botox and fillers, and before them too.

8. Vanessa Williams: The gorgeous dusky Latino beauty and Hollywood star leaves no stone unturned maintaining her natural look!

9. Jennifer Lopez: Jenny from the block knows what she wants and gets it nonetheless; botox is her bestie it seems and she glows in it too!

10. Tara Reid: Bubbly, vivacious and very talented, the gorgeous Hollywood diva has left us speechless with her beauty over time!

Here were thus ten gorgeous hollywood beauties that stun us all with their oomph and sense of well-being. If you thought Botox was only for the rich and the famous, or for the stars that shine on the silver screen, you were wrong. Get in touch with a specialist to know more about Botox and if you are an ideal candidate for the same. Everyone has a chance to be gorgeous for long, as so do you!