October 4, 2017

3 Karwa Chauth Special Advanced Skin Care Beauty Tips

3 Karwa Chauth Special Advanced Skin Care Beauty Tips

Spilling all the details below to unwind your age-clock with some new-age advanced skin care beauty tips for Karwa Chauth

While all we married ladies out there love to bask in the glory of Karwa Chauth celebrations by fasting for a day all in the pursuit of our husband’s well-being and long life; but in no way, we can let the hunger or thirst reflect on our face. Looking radiant and flawless isn’t just limited to this big day marking the onset of festivities. After all, we all long to have that glowing, spotless and wrinkle-free skin all year long. Wondering how to achieve that? Start by pampering your skin with these indispensable steps.

Skin Care Beauty Tips 01

New-age 2017 skin care trends you need to have on your radar:

1. Use high-tech face masks:

No, not just panda-sheet masks or fruit-infused masks or clay masks; we are talking about lift and plump sheet masks, which also offer pore protection. For instant gratification during your skin care beauty tips, you can also try 34 karat gold boobs mask or coconut-gel sheet masks, to dial up your masking game! The best part about masking is that they are hassle-free, fuss-free and can be done within minutes. Whenever you are done masking, never wash the serum from your face. Let it sit overnight for that plump and radiant after-morning glow.

Inside Tip: Not sure what to do with leftover serum in your mask packet? Apply the serum on the darker areas of your elbow and knees to give them a polished and refreshed look.

2. Face brushing:

While dry brushing your whole body is supposed to stimulate your lymphatic system giving you a toned, cellulite-free body and smooth skin; face brushing is the new ‘it’ skincare beauty trend to follow in 2017. Dry brush your face to get that even tone and texture, followed by an oil-based cleanser to exfoliate facial skin, boost circulation to achieve that flush of redness on cheeks and reduce the appearance of cellulite on the face. Even though in many parts of Asia, it is a commonly practiced routine, but soon the fresh-faced glow of dry brushing your face is going to rule the beauty world.

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3. Buy a lot of plumping ingredients-based products to get achieve that flawless hydration:

Right from your cleaners, to hydrating facial oils to enriched serums to ultra-light and feather-touch breathable mists and oils, your skin care beauty routine must have a lot of skin-plumping ingredients. Products with jelly-based ingredients can also be alternatively used as a tinted base for your makeup or can be mixed with your foundation to give you that photoshopped, firmer and faceliftThis is a marvelous trick for ladies with dry skin as they are always looking for that extra oomph of hydration.

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There you have it, three new-age skin care beauty tips that are sure to give you firmer and renewed look when continued to use over time.

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