September 21, 2021

Things to know before going for male breast reduction in Delhi

Things to know before going for male breast reduction in Delhi

Before going for treatment

You might have heard about tissue enlargement in male breasts. There are chances that you might feel less confident and fit. There have been many cases in the past that people went into depression after failing to find out the solution to this problem.

Now here is the solution!! You can opt for the treatment of Male Breast Reduction in Delhi. Male breast reduction is a procedure that includes various complex procedures and male breasts are reduced. However, it is not that simple. One needs to consult a specialist surgeon and follow a proper procedure, and within some time, you can expect the results.

What is the procedure?

In the majority of the cases, there are only two reasons for male breasts enlargement. The first is tissue enlargement. The particular tissue is growing inside the breast/s, which causes the enlargement. Another reason can be fat deposits. If there is a huge chunk of fat that is deposited, probably due to lifestyle, it causes breast/s enlargement.

So, the procedure depends on the reason for breast enlargement. The reason can be confirmed and verified via X-Ray. If the reason is tissue growth, then that tissue needs to be removed surgically. However, if there are fats deposits, then this can be removed via liposuction.

Before going for the surgery, be it a liposuction or tissue removal, you need to make sure that you stop your medications which can directly or indirectly increase the risk of bleeding. Consult a specialist before going for Male Breast Reduction in Delhi.


Once the procedure is done, you need to exercise for some time before going into routine activities. For patients who need only liposuction, they generally return back to their routine lifestyle and activities within a week. However, for patients who need surgical removal, it may take up to 2-4 weeks to return to their routine lifestyle.