July 6, 2017

My daughter talked me into Botox – And I never looked back

My daughter talked me into Botox – And I never looked back

A Bharatnatyam dancer recalls how Botox not only gave her the gift of youth, but it also brought her closer to the daughter

I remember the first time I held my daughter, Saira in my arms. She was this tiny little thing I had promised to protect with my life. Who knew that one day she would be the one taking care of me and telling me what to do! Our relationship has been through ups and downs but our ultimate bonding moment was when she made me get Botox. Yes, my daughter convinced me to get Botox and I couldn’t be happier!


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I am a trained Bharatnatyam dancer. In my younger days, I have traveled across the country performing with my dance group. Over the last few years, I have decided to do fewer shows and concentrate more on mentoring. I have started a dance school for children and adults of all age, who are driven by the passion for dance. Around my late forties, I started noticing some annoying lines around my lips and eyes, some sagging around my neck. I had attributed that to the heavy makeup which my profession requires but I was told that these are signs of aging. I used to sit in front of the mirror, looking at these spots which revealed to me that my youth was over. One day my twenty-one year old daughter saw me fretting and recommended that I get a Botox.

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Although I had initially dismissed the idea of Botox, it got me thinking. My baby had understood my confusion and she kept sending me various links and success stories of Botox on WhatsApp and Messenger till she had aroused my interest enough to ask her about it. She explained what Botox is and how it is a simple cosmetic procedure in which the medicine is injected into the muscle which helps reverse the signs of aging, resulting in firmer, youthful skin. I was fifty-six when I finally decided to get the miracle treatment. My daughter helped me with all the research, study and we finally picked one place we liked the most. With a thirty-five year old gap between us, I could never become my daughter’s best friend. She never really shared many details about her personal life. She never told me about her first date, first breakup or much of what was going on in her life but this is the first time since her childhood when we got real close. We bonded like we used to when she was a little baby. Every day after work we would sit together and plan. Every time I was scared and faltered, she would hold me up, promising to never let go and it was only because of her constant support that I made it to the clinic that day.

My daughter talked me into Botox – And I never looked back

I vividly remember my first appointment. My legs were shaking and had it not been for my baby girl, I would have never made it. She drove me to the posh South Delhi clinic where I was told, in details, everything about the procedure. The professionals were very caring and soothed my nervous state, while my daughter was by me, constantly giving me courage. When it was time for my injection, I was surprisingly calm thanks to all the words of encouragements. The procedure did not take much time. It was not even painful but I was asked to not lie down or exercise for some time. I was told that it might take around seventy-two hours to start seeing effects but surprisingly, my face looked so much better the next morning itself. I felt like I had finally got my youth back, and all thanks to my daughter!

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My sessions are our little mom-daughter days. She always accompanies me to the clinic and after that, we usually go for cocktails or shopping. Botox has not only given me the gift of youth, it has also brought me and my daughter closer than ever.

As told to the writer by Mira Khan – 57-years old from New Delhi, India