July 5, 2017

Forget facials and pedicures – New age moms and daughters bond over Botox

Forget facials and pedicures – New age moms and daughters bond over Botox

New age mother-daughter bonding takes a new level! Read on to know how a daughter came up with an idea to give her mom the gift of youthful skin on her 50th birthday

Botox is rapidly gaining popularity among the middle-class Indians. Once an exclusive prerogative of movie stars, celebrities, and elites, Botox is now the new facial for the 21st-century beauties. Fitness expert and classical dancer, thirty-two-year old Raina Goyal and her mother, Radha Miglani have found a new bond between them over this cosmetic procedure.

Radha was only twenty when she had her daughter, Raina and hence, they have always shared a very close relation. From her first smoke to her first heartbreak, she had always shared everything with her mother. But what brought them closer than ever was their Botox sessions together. “It is our little mother-daughter date day. Every time before the procedure, we have our own little sleepover. We chill in our pajamas, watch some chick flicks over a pitcher of margaritas and I get to enjoy some cuddle time with my mummy. She loves running her fingers through my hair like she used to do when I was a child. After the session, we go to our favorite rooftop restaurant for cocktails and it feels amazing.”


Sitting in the posh south Delhi Botox facility Radha recollects the first time she was here, “I was so excited that I could barely sleep through the night. I kept tossing and turning, waiting for the morning.” “Well don’t act like you were not scared”, jokes Raina. Personal trainer to celebrities, and classical dancer, Raina was extremely bothered by the fine lines that appeared on her face. She would initially try home remedies but nothing seemed to help. Her sudden encounter with an old friend encouraged her to consider Botox. As always, Raina decided to consult her mother who promptly decided to join as well. “We did a lot of research, together and apart. We used to send links and stories about Botox to each other on WhatsApp. I got this brilliant idea to give mom the gift of youthful skin on her 50th birthday. Our research came handy in finding us the best place. We booked our appointments but as the day came closer, my mother started having jitters. She almost backed out at the last moment and I had to literally drag her with the promise that if she doesn’t feel up to it, even after seeing me, she can skip.”

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“I was so nervous that I could barely walk that day. My daughter held my hand constantly. In the waiting room, we talked to a couple of nice ladies and a lovely gentleman who were regulars. Their glowing reviews gave me a lot of courage. As our turn came, we were seen by a really helpful professional who explained to us, in great detail how the procedure works, the effects, side effects, risks, precautions and everything we needed to know. We were told how it was the most popular cosmetic procedure with millions of happy men and women who have gained their youth back. I felt more at ease and even volunteered to go first”, laughs Radha. She has been here quite a few times, getting fillers for her neck and around the eyes. She feels much more confident while Raina loves how the fine lines around her lips have vanished. Both mother and daughter gushed on and on about how amazing they felt after the simple procedure.

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“My husband of couldn’t stop complimenting me. I felt so happy that I was twirling in front of the mirror like a little girl”, says Radha. “Finally, the annoying lines are gone and I feel so youthful. When my husband saw mummy and me after our Botox, he joked that we look like twins.” This procedure has become a bonding time for the mother-daughter duo who now look forward to their appointment!

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